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Strong reaction to Biden`s words from Mayor Altınok

Keçiören Mayor Turgut Altınok, on his social media account, reacted to the US President Joe Biden`s calling the 1915 Events as "Genocide".


2,300 abandoned buildings were demolished in 2 years in Keçiören

Keçiören Mayor Turgut Altınok stated that in the last 2 years, an important way has been taken towards urban transformation works by carrying out the demolition of 2,300 slum houses and abandoned buildings contrary to urban aesthetics. Altınok said, “One of the most important duties of local governments is to maintain the modern appearance of the city by renewing the cells of the city. We  demolish abandoned buildings and slums in order to renew the cells of our city, on the one hand, and on the other hand, we are advancing the urban transformation works we have started in our 25 neighborhoods."

Ethnography Museum in Keçiören Estergon Castle

The Ethnography Museum, which includes 1096 artifacts within the Keçiören Municipality Esztergom Turkish Cultural Center, continues to carry history lovers to the past and Turkish history to the future. Hundreds of works such as Turkish bath, starboard world, steel armor, helmet, sword, money seal, watch pouch, woven carpet and weaving tools are welcoming visitors with all their beauty in the museum, where the life style of Turkish society and items used in the past are exhibited.


Schools are disinfected for healthy education

Keçiören Municipality accelerated the disinfection works in the schools of the district for the 8th and 12th grade students who continue their education face to face during the partial closure period, which is expected to continue throughout the month of Ramadan.


Mayor Altınok: Our municipality is the first one to produce masks, disinfectants and cologne

Keçiören Mayor Turgut Altınok stated that they continue to produce cologne and disinfectant in different scents for adults and children and distribute them free of charge with the own resources of the municipality. Altınok said, “We are the first municipality to produce masks, disinfectants, cologne and soap. In order to protect the health of our citizens during the pandemic process, we first produced masks. Then we started to produce disinfectants, cologne and soap. So far, we have distributed 200 thousand bottles of cologne and more than 250 thousand bottles of disinfectant to our citizens."


Mayor Altınok: Our people send their hearts to our brothers

Mayor Altınok: Our people send their hearts to our brothers


Ramadan message from Mayor Altınok

In his Ramadan message, Keçiören Mayor Turgut Altınok said, “Ramadan, the sultan of eleven months, is blessing; It is a month of mercy and cooperation. Blessed be the Ramadan-i Serif of the whole Islamic world and our nation."


1,486 tons of waste glass was collected in one year in Keçiören

Keçiören Mayor Turgut Altınok stated that “1,486 tons” of waste glass is collected and recycled in one year with 125 waste glass collection boxes positioned by the municipality all around the district.


Mayor Altınok: Cumhuriyet Tower will be the symbol of Ankara

Keçiören Mayor Turgut Altınok stated that the construction of the Republic Tower, which was built in Tepebaşı Neighborhood, is continuing at full speed. Altınok said, "We are continuing the construction of our tower that will lay Ankara under our feet.  It will offer the opportunity to show Ankara from 186 meters and will be the symbol of our capital. Our tower, which will also represent the 100th anniversary of the Republic, will increase the brand value of our city."


Easily accessible audio library from Keçiören Municipality

Keçiören Mayor Turgut Altınok stated that the Audio Library, which continues to serve on the website of the municipality, attracts great attention from visually blind citizens. Altınok said, “We created our library with an easily accessible infrastructure system. Our visually impaired citizens from Turkey and all over the world can easily access this service. We continue to develop our Audio Library platform in order to bring together the beautiful works of our Turkish literature and world classics with our citizens."

Invitation from Pakistan `s Chief of General Staff to Mayor Altınok

Keçiören Mayor Turgut Altınok hosted General Nadeem Raza, Chief of General Staff of Pakistan and his wife in Keçiören Municipality`s Peshawar Martyrdom Monument. Altınok President, expressed his pleasure to welcome the General Nadeem Raza in Kecioren, and said that "Pakistan and Turkey are two brother countries. This is what it says in our state policy. Pakistan`s pain is our pain, their joy are our joy. 144 martyrs in Peshawar are both our brothers and our martyrs. We feel honor and happiness to make this monument by sharing the pain of Pakistan. I would also like to thank the Chief of General Staff Mr. Raza, who invited us to Pakistan."



A new pool with waterfall is being built in Deniz Dünyası Aquarium

A new pool with waterfall is being built in Deniz Dünyası Aquarium


Schools in Keçiören compete for collecting electronic waste

Keçiören Mayor Turgut Altınok announced that they restarted the "Electronic Waste Collection Competition" as the schools started face-to-face education. Altınok said, “Since the first day we started the electronic waste contest, we recycled more than 2 tons of electronic waste. Now, with the resumption of face-to-face education in our schools, we are organizing this competition again. Together with our students, teachers and families, we started a campaign to collect electronic wastes separately from other wastes.


8 March Women`s Day Message of Mayor Altınok

Keçiören Mayor Turgut Altınok emphasized in his message he published on the occasion of 8 March Women`s Day that they are against violence against women and that this should be expressed louder both individually and socially.


Pain and happiness together in Khojaly Martyrs` Commemoration Program

Speaking at the commemoration of the 29th anniversary of the Khojaly Genocide, Keçiören Mayor Turgut Altınok said, “At the end of the 20th century, at the beginning of the 21st century, a great genocide was carried out in Khojaly before the eyes of the whole world. On the 29th anniversary of the Khojaly Genocide, we are refreshing our pain and sorrow, and at the same time experiencing happiness and victory together. During this period, Turkey has done its part in terms of support to Azerbaijan."


Gül Nursery Island is opened

Speaking at the opening of Gül Nursery Island built by Keçiören Municipality in Hasköy District, Keçiören Mayor Turgut Altınok said, “We will increase the number of kindergartens and libraries in Keçiören. Our nurseries serve more affordable prices than anywhere else. Our aim is not to trade, but to serve our citizens. Working mothers and fathers who have economic difficulties want to prepare a future for their children. In this sense, we need to support these children for a better tomorrow. Therefore, our daycare centers are important service points."

Fatih Library starts to serve again

Keçiören Municipality Fatih Library, which suspended service within the scope of pandemic measures, opened its doors to book lovers again. Keçiören Mayor Turgut Altınok said, “We have expanded the hall capacity of our Fatih Library, which is located in Tepebaşı Neighborhood and started to serve. Our students will be able to study in a more comfortable environment."


Kittens wait for their owners

Keçiören Municipality carried out the care and treatment of 4 little cats that had difficulty in living in winter conditions in order to make tjem adopted. Keçiören Mayor Turgut Altınok said, “We took our little cats that we found on the street under protection in cold winter conditions to keep them alive. We will make our kittens adopted whose care and treatments are made in our Animal Care and Rehabilitation Center. Our sensitive animal-loving citizens can apply for appropriation through the "I Want to Adopt" option on our website."


Mayor Altınok: Drugs are the main domestic threat

Speaking at the seminar organized within the scope of the project "The Best Narcotics Police is Mother" for the fight against drugs, Keçiören Mayor Turgut Altınok said, “Our youth are poisoned because of the drugs, our future is poisoned. If they want to destroy a nation or a state, they destroy that country by destroying the generation of that nation. In my opinion, we must consider drugs and how to fight against it at the head of the internal threads."


Second doses of vaccines were given in nursing home

In Keçiören Municipality Nursing Home, second doses vaccines were given to the elderly and nursing home staff within the scope of combating with the new type of coronavirus (Covid-19). Keçiören Mayor Turgut Altınok said, “As soon as the Covid-19 epidemic started, we immediately took our social isolation measures in our nursing home and switched to a 14-day fixed shift system. At the same time, we put an end to the collective eating system and implemented the practice of serving the meals to the rooms. With the precautions we take, we ensure that our elderly people, who received second doses of vaccines, overcome the pandemic in a healthy way."