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TOGEM (short for Toplumsal Gelişim Merkezi - Center for Social Development) is a charity institution founded by Mrs. Emine Erdoğan, the wife of the Turkish Prime Minister Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. The first center was opened in Üsküdar, Istanbul, and today, it offers its services in the districts of many municipalities including Keçiören. Under the umbrella of TOGEM, hearts are beating for kindness, compassion, cooperation, solidarity and sharing. The efforts of TOGEM are oriented towards people in need of assistance, so that they can proudly say “we are not alone”, and their aim is to deliver services to everyone in need. The goals, activities, principles and vision of TOGEM can be summarized as follows:
• To provide support in food, clothing, goods, and education under projects in Social Responsibility,
• To provide the opportunity in education for the disabled under the projects “School for the disabled”,
• To promote the basic values of goodness and plan, create, follow up, and apply various aid projects for those in need,
• To help to the families in need by finding them, knocking on their doors and letting them know that they are not alone.

The doors of TOGEM are open for anyone who would like to contribute, and most of their activities are funded by donations from people in any of these areas: food, clothing, books, toys, stationery, cleaning products, medicine, furniture, legal, educational and psychological support, etc. When someone applies to TOGEM for aid or support, the TOGEM personnel visits them in their homes to investigate the extent of required assistance, as well as to console the family or individual in need. After extending the hand of help to a family, TOGEM keeps regular updates about their situation. The TOGEM departments include: Social Research, Information Processing, Transportation, and Legal Documentation Affairs.

Some of the most important TOGEM projects include:

Home Assistance – Educating and dispatching the specially trained assistants to help the elder and the disabled in everyday life and house chores.
School for Children with Disabilities – A school for children with special needs, so that they can have the equal opportunities for education as everyone else.
Town Without Obstacles” Project – construction of playgrounds for the disabled children in the vicinity of primary schools.
1000 Computer for Schools – equipping computer labs in primary schools.

“Hold My Hand and Share My Happiness” Project – a project involving volunteers from all aspects of the society, whether it be teachers, students, housewives, the retired, etc., who are engaged in helping poor, disabled, and homeless people in their free time, in any way they can contribute.

“Special Classrooms” Project – the first project which will provide special benches, boards, computers, and other educational material for the primary schools in the academic year of 2011/2012, in order to meet the educational requirements of the disabled students.

Mobile Kindergarten Project – setting up of temporary kindergartens for the areas where there are none, until the construction of the proper facilities is finished.

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