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Mayor Altınok: Our municipality is the first one to produce masks, disinfectants and cologne

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Keçiören Mayor Turgut Altınok stated that they continue to produce cologne and disinfectant in different scents for adults and children and distribute them free of charge with the own resources of the municipality. Altınok said, “We are the first municipality to produce masks, disinfectants, cologne and soap. In order to protect the health of our citizens during the pandemic process, we first produced masks. Then we started to produce disinfectants, cologne and soap. So far, we have distributed 200 thousand bottles of cologne and more than 250 thousand bottles of disinfectant to our citizens."

Keçiören Municipality continues its disinfectant, cologne and soap production without interruption. These products, which are distributed free of charge to citizens within the scope of measures against increasing Covid-19 cases, are in different scents and are produced special for adults and children.
Keçiören Mayor Turgut Altınok stated that they continue to distribute the produced disinfectants, cologne and soaps to the citizens during the neighborhood inspections, in parks and markets, and said, “We continue to produce hand &skin disinfectant and clothing disinfectant, surface disinfectant, indoor and outdoor disinfectant separately for children and adults. .At the same time, we continue to produce cologne and soap in different scents for our children and adults. We constantly distribute these products we produce for the health of our citizens."