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KEDEM (short for Keçiören Belediyesi Eğitime Destek Merkezi - The Keçiören Municipality’s Center for the Support in Education) aims to provide the support in education to all our residents, especially children and the youth. In a total of nine centers, KEDEM offers education in natural and social sciences, languages, computers, and arts. Because the Turkish school day is split into two school shifts, KEDEM opens early to offer morning support to afternoon school students and afternoon support to the students who come from the morning shift at school.

The goals, principles and vision of KEDEM can be summarized as follows:
• Educating of young people in cultural and social areas to help them develop their
cultural and social skills,
• Providing a free support in education to all residents,
• Providing the opportunity of free computers, Internet, library, consulting, guidance,
and family education,
• Helping the young students in their homework projects,
• Creating the equality in education by providing education opportunities to all regions
of our district,
• Introducing interactive education, and education through entertainment,
• Providing effective and systematic guidance for parents.

All teachers and personnel are certified by the national Ministry of Education. And apart
from teaching, they are actively involved in providing counseling to students in other
areas as well. This service is delivered through our Counseling Department, which is
responsible for supervising all activities and results, personal development, and improving
the social skills of the students and their parents.

Courses Offered by KEDEM
All regular school courses, including English, are revisited in KEDEM and the students
also receive extra preparation for major exams. Study skills are addressed
along with computer skills and Internet usage. Counseling is available to all students
and their families.

Perpetual Educational Support
One of the biggest issues in young student’s education is the inability of parents
to get more involved in their children’s school activities, due to the long working
hours or inadequate knowledge on their part. KEDEM offers a qualified environment
under the supervision of professional teachers where this issue can be
resolved effectively. Students are able to work on their school homework and
projects undisturbed and supervised, and they can also use computer labs, Internet
and the library for research.

Clubs for Students
• Readers’ Club
• Chess and Mind Games Club
• Math Club
• Natural Sciences Club
• Theater Club
• English Club
• Journalism, Television, and Cinema Club
• Painting and Photography Club

Social Activities and Competitions
• Poetry and Prose Competitions
• Painting and Photography Competitions
• Historical Tours
• Picnics
• Cinema Days
• Summer Schools


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Tepebaşı Mah. Fatih Caddesi No:127

0312 380 43 35