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Ethnography Museum in Keçiören Estergon Castle

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The Ethnography Museum, which includes 1096 artifacts within the Keçiören Municipality Esztergom Turkish Cultural Center, continues to carry history lovers to the past and Turkish history to the future. Hundreds of artifacts such as Turkish bath, steel armor, helmet, sword, money seal, watch pouch, woven carpet and weaving tools are welcoming visitors with all their beauty in the museum, where the life style of Turkish society and items used in the past are exhibited.


Stating that the works exhibited in the specially designed rooms in the Estergon Turkish Cultural Center have an importance that keeps Turkish history alives, Keçiören Mayor Turgut Altınok said, “It is one of our main duties to protect our ancient artifacts that represents our past and our history and to introduce them to our new generations. In this respect, we need to explain our culture and history correctly to both history lovers and our children. In order to raise a generation that knows its past, we need to teach our new children the lifestyle of our ancestors and the social consciousness inherited from them. Our museum, which is located in our Estergon castle, also has an ambiance where our families can come with their children and feel the scent of history."