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Dear people of  Keçiören,

To serve Keçiören which is our big love, we are reinstated in our post with your heartfelt support and countenance. May Allah protect us from failure, and may it bring joy and auspiciousness to our town.

Our citizens who always believe in us in our process of nomination should know that, we will continue to work with a great effort for this beautiful city, which is our home. Besides, we will be the ‘Address of Honest Municipality’ with our services and we will work shoulder to shoulder to increase our service quality to highest levels.

Today is the day of creating sample works in unity and solidarity. Today is the day to make our nation`s face laugh with brand new projects that are suitable for the needs of the age. Today is the day of embracing each individual member of ‘Great Keçiören Family’, considering all your sensibilities. Today is the day to build Keçiören together and to make our district Turkey`s shining star. Today is the day of working with excitement and love and being worthy of every vote you give for us.

My precious citizens;

In the new era, it will be our only target to build a happier Keçiören with disabled people, children, young people, elders, students, shopkeepers, housewives, retirees, people in need and culture & art lovers. In line with this goal we will continue to knock every door, win more hearts and leave more works. As always, we will be at your side in the parks, streets and markets day-and-night.

We will make our city a center of attraction with projects that will make an overwhelming impression, not only in Ankara, but also in Turkey and the world.  With its green streets and parks, lively bazaars and markets, recreation areas, sports complexes and facilities of social and cultural events, together we will protect Keçiören and regard it as the apple of our eye. Without neglecting to listen to the voice of our esteemed citizens, we will solve the problems with macro and micro projects and manage Keçiören with a common mind.

In the progressing world, we will raise a well-equipped generation who can easily adapt to the advancing technologies, look to the future with confidence, and have a competitive capacity. For ensuring that our young people will look to the future with hope, we will make integration studies to keep pace with the high speed of science and technology and increase the number of young people with high self-confidence.

We will shoulder responsibility on the issues of employment for the mobilization of commercial and social life in Keçiören, and we will make our tradesmen and young people happy. By continuing our work with the norm of equal service, we will build recreation areas in every neighborhood where our children and families can spend time with peace of mind.

My fellow citizens, to realize our social policies that will strengthen the unity and solidarity climate of Kecioren is our biggest goal. Hacı Bektaş-ı Veli`s “Let`s Be One, Let`s Be Big, Let`s Be Alive“ philosophy is our motto. We seek to carry Keçiören which we gave our life and heart to a higher level together with you. By increasing the level of development of Kecioren, we are willing to take innovative steps to be an exemplary city. With our model services we desire to be the Servant of Keçiören since the first day.

I would like to manage our city together to get together with many beauties and offer my love and respect with happy people and a wish to stay together side by side for a prosperous and peaceful life as a sample Keçiören family.

With the perception that “the most beautiful post is at the heart of the nation”, to take the path along the beauties, to manage our city together as happy people and a sample  Keçiören family, with my wish to stay side by side for a prosperous and peaceful life, I present you all my love and respect.