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1,486 tons of waste glass was collected in one year in Keçiören

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Keçiören Mayor Turgut Altınok stated that “1,486 tons” of waste glass is collected and recycled in one year with 125 waste glass collection boxes positioned by the municipality all around the district.

425 paper, metal and plastic waste collection points and 125 waste glass bottle collection boxes positioned on avenues and streets to recycle glass waste in the district by Keçiören Municipality became the center of recycling. In this context, 1,486 tons of waste glass was collected in one year in the district with the works carried out by the municipal teams.
Keçiören Mayor Turgut Altınok, who said that the recycling works continue uninterruptedly with 12,500 waste collection boxes given to the institutions and organizations operating in the district, said, “We need to protect our nature and transfer it to our future generations in the best way. We carry out important works both in our municipality and in our households with the campaigns we organize in terms of sorting waste at its source. We both reduce the amount of waste and contribute to recycling. We include our citizens in our recycling works thanks to our mobile waste collection centers located in various points of Keçiören. " We also include our students in our recycling activities with our waste battery and electronic waste collection competitions"